Edify Overseas Education Consultants

European Teaching University, Georgia, Recognized by MCI & WHO



Edify is lead by group of individuals who have themselves graduated from universities across the globe. A healthy combinaton of passion and aggression is what drives our team. Having hands on knowledge and experience in study abroad journey, Edify is eager to impart it to young ambitious students who wish to persue study in different country. What is special about the team is that all core members have first hand experience in right from chossing the University to experiencing the day to day life and passing out of that University. They are well aware of the general challenges faced at every stage and can tackle them efficiently and correctly.We bring to the table self-experience i application process, market knowledge financial status of target countries, and knowledge of funding organisation.

Student Corner

"The University has well developed infrastructure with well organized classes, extracurricular activities & cultural events. Indian festivals are celebrated with great zest with Indian STUDENTS and University staff." _ Priya Chokhani

"ETU people are really helpful in the path at end to end guidance for the abroad education. They are really friendly and true professionals. Thanks for all the staff that helped me to achieve my aspiring dream and made it real." _ Madhusudan Sharma